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Station Nr. 50


Mathias Jeschke, a writer friend from Stuttgart, has written the following four-liners about the pictures.
They are his spontaneous ideas and impressions of the pictures, which he formulated for this exhibition without taking into account my titles.

Music is an important source of inspiration for my artistic work. I paint to the music and let the music guide me intuitively. The piece of music plays until the picture is created. From 1991 to 2001 I painted a picture for all 200 cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach. In the meantime, in addition to classical composers (Arvo Pärt, Haydn, Rachmaninov, etc.), I have also painted so-called "music pictures" to selected music in the jazz, pop and rock-blues fields. Works to the music of "King Crimson", "Miles Davis" and the saxophonist "Chico Freeman" can be found in this list of the wayside.

Bild After the Rain zur Musik von Chico Freeman
hxb 200x120
"After the Rain" zur Musik von Chico Freeman


Wenn du sehen willst, wie es

Ausgeht, lass dich hineinfallen

In deine Imagination, deine

Inspiration, lass dich fallen!


Mathias Jeschke