1992 Catalogue Radial Art, Presence Verlag, Artists inspired by the Bible, (9 artists from Germany and Switzerland : Andreas Felger, Karl Imfeld, Matthias Lutzeyer, Udo Mathee, Willi Müller, Siegmar Rehorn, Daniel Schär, Karl Vollmer, Rosemarie Vollmer)
(a few copies can still be purchased for sFr. 15.- plus postage)

1994 Bretter Bilder (small catalogue with 7 illustrations), self-published, (can be published for sFr. 8.- incl. postage to be ordered from the artist)
2003 Catalogue of the project: WAS images (with 51 color illustrations)
2011 Anniversary catalogue: 30 years of schaer-art
2014 Exhibition Catalogue / Studio Exhibition Bellmund
2015 Exhibition catalogue on the occasion of the 56th Venice Biennale at "personal structures" (download catalogue as pdf)
2020 Catalogue "on the road" (96 pages)
2023 Catalogue "Paintings by the Wayside" (134 pages)

1999 Television report (ERF Germany) on the topic: Life Artists, Daniel Schär and Karl Imfeld
2002 TV report (SF2, Fenster zum Sonntag) on the topic: God's Artist
2003 TV report (SF2, Fenster zum Sonntag) on the topic: Brushes and Piano
2008 TV report (SF2, Fenster zum Sonntag) on the topic: Artists at work